Pet Stain Removal Procedures

Address a pet stain as soon as it is known to be on the carpet. The longer stain remains on the carpet, the worse the odor becomes and the more difficult it is to remove the odor. Blot as much as the stain as possible using white absorbent cloth. Do not use heat or hot water, as heat can ‘set’ a stain, particularly a urine stain. Apply a small amount of cold water using a clean cloth or a spray bottle and continue to blot. A solution of clear liquid dish detergent (with no lanolin, lotion, skin conditioners, etc.) and cold water (1/4 tsp/cup) can help remove the stain. Apply this solution using a spray bottle or a clean cloth. Do not pour solution on the carpet so as to saturate the carpet. Rub lightly in one direction at a time so as to rub further down the individual tufts rather than simply flopping the carpet in a back and forth motion. Do not rub with pressure. Absorb as much of the stain and any applied cold water as possible using white absorbent cloth and direct weight or pressure. Allow carpet to dry completely before traffic resumes.


If a pet urine stain has been ‘set’ or has been allowed to dwell for a period of time prior to being attended to, use a 50/50 clear vinegar and water solution. In extreme cases, use a 50/50 bleach/water solution in place of or in addition to methods described above. Apply solution using a spray bottle or a clean cloth. Apply incrementally. Do not saturate.

Repeat any of these procedures as needed.


Completely remove any detergent and/or bleach residue with cold water and blotting or suction. Cleaning products residue that remains on the carpet may attract soil going forward.


Professional cleaning may be required.

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